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Kabochavore Definition

Helloooo and welcome to Kabochavore!

First I would like to thank all of my loyal readers from Sweet Treats and Vegan Eats for following me to this new site. Even though this blog is very new, I have already found so much joy in creating plans for things to come. I feel that the new name definitely better represents my culinary (and life!) point of view and opens up many possibilities. I hope that you will enjoy it, too!

As you can probably guess, the name Kabochavore comes from my favorite food, kabocha squash. For those of you that have never heard of it, kabochas are winter squash that look like a squatted pumpkin and taste a bit like a cross between a butternut squash and a sweet potato. Their flesh is moist and creamy, but the best part is their sweetness. Every encounter is love at first bite.

A spoonful of sugar kabocha really does make the medicine go down. By discovering natural sweetness in a vegetable, I was inspired to find it in other ares of my life, too. That is why the name Kabochavore encompasses my philosophy of seeking the natural sweetness in all things.

In my culinary adventures alone, I have discovered an amazing love of vegetables. I love them so much now that they taste sweet to me. Would you believe that one night I actually asked my grandmother if she had added sugar to some asparagus because they tasted too good to be true? Coming from a girl that used to eat an all-beige diet (and I am not talking about cauliflower here, folks), you can bet that is proof that anyone, anywhere can find natural sweetness as long as they look.

For me, trying to have a positive outlook and practicing yoga unlock sweetness in even the toughest of times. I have had my fair shares of bumps in the road and road-blocks in my way, but now I see that they were just detours to lead me to a better way. Through yoga I am able to relax my body and mind, something my type-A personality usually has a hard time doing. While I do have my down days and stressful moments just like everyone else, I am learning that it is simply the effort to seek beautiful moments in even the toughest of times that makes the difference.

So whether it be an optimistic view or  simply a vegetable-rich culinary adventure, kabocha squash’s natural sweetness represents the beauty I seek in my every day life. Kabochavores are people who engage in this journey and make strides to enjoy every little sweet piece of life.

Are you a kabochavore?


Have a beautiful day,