Under the Sea

Something really has me itching for summer. Maybe it is the fact that the path to my car was covered by 3 inches of snow had fallen while I was in class. Let me just say trying to defrost feet is harder than it sounds.

I do not know where this storm came from, but I definitely know where I want to it to go: away.

And I want it to bring summer instead while its at it.

While I wait, at least I have yoga to keep me sane. This morning’s hot vinyasa class was especially hot + sweaty, just how I like it. It is so nice to be able to go to yoga and clear my mind, rejuvinate my body, and warm my soul all at once. For at least one hour I can pretend I live somewhere warm. (College in California? Yes, please!)

Acro Yoga Outside in the Catskill Mountains. Summer, come back soon, please?

In those other hours, I suppose I have subconsciously been trying to trick myself into ignoring the snow through my eats. While it may not be bathing suit shopping weather yet, at least I can feel tropical by munching on mango.

My grandmother bought a little container of mango from the store before the big snow storm to chase away my winter blues. I am so thankful that she did because it was just what I needed. Succulent, sweet, and scrumptious! I could barely control myself but decided it was better to savory every bite.

I may not be able to wear my bikini just yet, but at least I can go to the ocean at dinner time. After a particularly challenging practice a few days ago, I decided some super nutrition was in order. Forget the Gatorade, give me the arame!

A few years ago, I though seaweed was just the disgusting green stuff that got tangled around my feet and made me scream in fear. Oh, was I wrong!

Ever since I tried arame at the (only) vegan restaurant in my area, I have been hooked. It is a total bonus that arame is not only delicious, but also that it is a good source of dietary fiber, magnesium, calcium, and iodine (100% per serving!) For more information on arame and other seaweeds, check out Eden Organic’s website (I buy their brand) here.

All I had to do was soak the arame in cold water for about 10 minutes to rehydrate it.

Then it was ready to toss into my cauliflower, broccoli, onion, red bell pepper, zucchini and brussels sprout stir-fry.

I basically used the same method as my curry stir-fry from a few days ago except that I added more ginger, omitted the spices, and added a few squirts of Braggs Liquid Aminos (my choice over soy sauce). I rounded out the Asian flair by using chopsticks.

Okay, I should really say “attempting” instead of “using.” In reality, I am still working on my chopstick skills. Katie, could you please give me lessons?

Oh, and I should probably explain the bowls before I go. There really is a nose on my bowl, and yes, those are eyes looking up. The bowl I used for my stir-fry is happens to be apart of a set of bowls with cute faces on them. Actually, they were in the header of my old blog, Sweet Treats and Vegan Eats.

And speaking of the bowls, I am sure you can guess what they are most used for…

Surely I am called Kabochavore for a reason!

What foods do you know love that you would have scoffed at/been disgusted by in the past? And have you ever tried seaweed?

Also, do you have any favorite dishes?

Have a beautiful day!






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