5 Seconds

So, about the recipe I posted yesterday

Yeah, they were gone in less than two days even though I have two people in my house that were eating them. I will let you do the math on that one. Equations or not, my Double Chocolate Cherry Blasts went fast! I think I am going to have to make some more, and I would recommend you do the same. Apparently they take both 5 seconds to make and eat!

Unfortunately, not everything in my kitchen the past few days has been such a success. While I love this stir-fry method, not everything went as planned. I must have been so excited about my delicious stir-fry a few days ago that it literally jumped out of the pan. Or maybe I just accidentally put it on the edge of the counter. Already hungry and not wanting to waste any precious vegetables, I employed the 5 second rule.

One time should have taught me better than that. Nevertheless, when I went back to heat up the other half, the veggies magically jumped out of the pan again. Those rambunctious little things! Enter the five second rule yet again. I am a stickler for hygene and cleanliness, but sometimes something has just got to give. It was just one of those nights, so I tried to remedy my folly by heating up the stir-fry again. I finally tamed my wild veggies and dug in without a slip. I guess the third time is a charm!

And since we are on the subject of five seconds, I am really loving popped amaranth lately. In just seconds you can turn a few TBS of amaranth seeds into a a large bowl of light and airy cereal.

Popped amaranth and a wedge of kabocha. Typical.

Watching the process is fun, but eating the results is even better. I will admit most of the kernals do not even make it to the almond milk. When they do, though, it is worth the wait. Chocolate sauce & strawberries make for such a decadent treat!

In fact, I am already dreaming about it as a topping for my favorite healthy chocolate ice-cream.

Amaranth is a nutritional powerhouse by itself, but when paired with the protein and greens in my ice cream, I am sure it would make for a super-fueling breakfast. I love me some nourishing plants :)!

Questions: What have been your culinary successes and failures (hopefully turned successes) lately? What do you think of the five second rule? When do you choose to use it or just scrap the accident?

Enjoy every moment of your day!


P.S. Lately I have been thinking a lot about the format of this blog. While I often have recipes to share, I find myself taking a lot of “what I ate” photos, too. What would you like to see more of on my blog? I really hope to talk about my experiences with yoga as well if you would like. Eating nourishing vegan food and doing yoga are a large part of who I am. I would love to get to know you all better, too!


4 responses to “5 Seconds

  1. honestly anything you post i will llike!! do what makes you happy!! oh the 5 second rule does not exist to me AT ALL!! ahah.. and i LOVE your amarnth, chocolate sauce +strawb combo!

  2. Those chocolate cherry blasts look AMAZING – yum!
    Too funny about your stir fry not wanting to make it to your bowl! I swear, whenever something like that happens it alllways has to happen more than once. Glad you finally wrangled it 😛 If it makes you feel better, I’d have still eaten it, too!

  3. Chocolate sauce + strawberries!? Drool.

  4. I need to try your cookies, and I REALLY need to try popped amaranth! It looks so amazing. I just gotta find amaranth first.. 😛

    Everything looks awesome, girly.

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