The Salad Lady

Hi there! It’s so good to talk [blog?] to you all again! My 11-colleges-in-one-week-lots-of-driving road trip is finally over, and although it was fun, I am definitely glad to be home again. I really enjoyed touring all the universities, but driving about 5 hours a day (that’s not counting all the time spent getting lost—I prefer not to think about that 😉 ) and taking furious notes did take a lot out of me. Every night when we arrived back to the hotel after more than 13 hours of go-go-go, I was definitely ready to take a warm shower and cozy into bed before starting all over again. Needless to say, my camera memory card got a wee bit full. Most of my meals consisted of Starbucks oatmeal or salads, so I think a montage might be the best way to show you my eats. Hopefully later this week I’ll also post a guide to making the most out of the salad bar and what nutrient dense snacks to always keep in your purse in case of limited options or a snack attack. Here we go!

Perfect Oatmeal @ Starbucks:



Whole Foods in Pittsburgh, PA (after visiting CarnegieMellon University)
LovedLovedLoved(!) My First Whole Foods Salad Bar Experience

Bryn Mawr near Philadelphia, PA
Columbia University in NYC
Yale University in New Haven, CT
Claire’s Corner Copia in New Haven, CT
…with Gluten-Free Bread. [After taking a bite something didn’t seem right, so I asked again if the bread was vegan. It wasn’t. No bread for Mandie = sad face..
Cornell University in Ithaca, NY



Sweet Potato at Outback Steakhouse in Pittsburgh, PA
+ Steamed Broccoli, Carrots, Yellow Squash, and Snow Peas
Vegan Tip: order steamed vegetables and sweet potato without butter sauce or oil to make the sides vegan. If you tell your server that you do not consume any animal products, they will be happy to help.
Steamed Broccoli, Sauteed Sugar Snap Peas with Roasted Cipollini Onions, and Steamed Edamame with Green Tea Salt at Season 54 near Pittsburgh, PA
Edamame with Green Tea Salt (LOVE!)
Roasted Kabocha at Peacefood Cafe in NYC [eaten to-go as dessert
Microwaved Sweet Potato [~5 minutes–>thank you, hotel room!
+ Microwaved Steamed Vegetables



Apple Pie Larabar
With all the new flavors, I tend to forget the staples. The apple pie flavor really does taste like apple pie, though. Yum!
Apparently I’m a little late trying the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Larabar. I liked it overall, but did think it could be a bit less sweet. Maybe giving up sweeteners for Lent just changed my tolerance (already low) for sweetness?


Jocalats are probably my favorite of the Larabars. What can I say; I love my chocolate! [Side note: the chocolate cherry flavor is being discontinued. I was a huge fan so I wish I could have stocked up but I can’t find them anywhere!


I liked the Chocolate Chip Brownie Larabar better than the Cookie Dough one. It was chocolatey with a bit of crunch. Love!


Other Eats:

Season 52’s Farmer’s Market Vegetable Soup was warm and full of veggies. My friend promptly ate the (probably not vegan) bread and pesto on the side. That’s what friends are for :).
A Side of Black Beans from Chili’s (which I confirmed are vegan)
Brown Rice and Vegetable Sushi from Ithaca Co-Op [I’m really inspired to make my own now!

Questions: What snacks do you bring along with you when you know you won’t be able to cook for yourself?  What is your favorite Larabar flavor?


Have a lovely day!



5 responses to “The Salad Lady

  1. I haven’t traveled very far since becoming vegan other than to my grandmas house and I bring a cooler. Plus I make sure to make muffins, buy larabars (which by the way my favorite is the carrot cake and pb&j ones) and such to snack on.
    Question- is starbucks oatmeal already vegan? or do have to tell them not to cook it in milk?

    • I’m definitely a cooler girl, too! This was my first experience traveling with omnivores and going in completely blind. I did make sure to bring lots of snacks, though!

      Starbucks oatmeal is always made with hot water so it’s naturally vegan (wahoo!). I don’t know what they do, but for some reason it has an extra special texture that is oh so yummy and comforting. I usually like to ask for a little extra cup of hot water and also bring chia seeds along with me in a little jar so that I can adjust the thickness of the oats. A little jar of cinnamon makes for the perfect flavor, too :).

      Have a lovely day! xox

  2. I tried my first Larabar recently and loved it! I brought it with me when I was traveling and it was delicious. I had the peanut butter cookie flavor, and I’ve also tried the chocolate coffee Jocalat- equally amazing!

    • I’m glad to hear your like Larabars, too. I love both of those, too! It’s so hard to choose a favorite, actually. If you’re a fan of the peanut butter cookie flavor, you should try the peanut butter and jelly one, too. It’s like being in elementary school all over again :D.

  3. WOW you are so good at being healthy whilst away!! i usually bring laras and bars.. and nuts and such!! i love all your salads!!
    my fav lara is pb&jelly!

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