Getting My Mojo Back

You didn’t believe me when I told you Tuesday that I might just eat socca pizza for the rest of the week, did you?

Question: answered. I enjoyed my socca pizza so much that I knew I had to have it again.

However, I have a confession to make. Ever since my school work started being piled on way too thick (we’re talking the straw that broke the camel’s back here), I’ve been in a food rut. Feeling rushed for time and just craving a meal I knew would work out despite the craziness around me, I ended up rotating the same 2 or 3 meals countless times. Luckily, my college road trip refreshed my mind and inspired me to get my cooking mojo back.

So what does that mean exactly? In short, I plan to cook and bake to my hearts content for the few days I have left of spring break. I’ve been tossing recipe ideas around in my head, and I finally want to make them a reality. In fact, last night’s dinner was supposed to be an idea I’ve been working on, tomato and broccoli casserole with a chickpea crust. After my socca pizza on Monday, I was confident in the execution of socca and could almost taste the finished product already. Yum.

But as is usually the case, life got in the way. My mom and I had made plans to deliver a special cookie basket to my friend’s mom (the one who graciously took me with her on the road trip) after my mom finished teaching her water arobics class after work.

I delayed making dinner after yoga, thinking there would not be enough time before delivering the thank you gift and deciding it would be better just to wait until after. Well, my mom got caught up talking to the ladies in her class and arrived home later than expected. When we finally made it to the pool where my friend’s mom was life guarding, the pool was empty and we were able to talk for awhile.

Needless to say I arrived home without the patience needed to complete my planned casserole. Instead I decided to take the chickpea crust idea and turn it into socca made on the stove top. Although I still intended to use the tomato/broccoli casserole idea, I found myself making a delicious dish reminescant of my socca pizza. What can I say; I guess it was just so good that I couldn’t get it off my brain!

Seriously. If you haven’t tried socca yet, please do. I even posted the recipe I used here. It’s all the goodness of crispy bread on the outside with dense, hummus-like insides. Oh my.

While my meal wasn’t exactly earth-shatteringly new, it did leave me completely satisfied and delighted. I had originally intended on getting my mojo back by having a new recipe challenge, but I think today taught me that the way I feel is more important. I would much rather make a delicious repeat meal and spread happiness with cookies on a stick than be confined to a plan. Hey, life happens, but it might as well be delicious.

Speaking of oldies-but-goodies and deliciousness, I still can’t seem to get enough of popped amaranth or veggies. Popped amaranth is a great way to incorporate a new whole grain into breakfast without feeling weighed down like can sometimes be the case with other cooked grains (like oats).

I especially love cocoa puffed amaranth (tutorial on popping amaranth and recipe here), but since I’m sweetener-free for Lent, the simple combination of unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze, cinnamon, and vanilla powder with fresh fruit and cocoa nibs does the job pretty darn well.


And while I enjoyed eating lots of raw salads while traveling, I’m so glad to have the steamed variety back in my life (and in Costco-sized portions).

I was mad-craving steamed broccoli during my whole trip so maybe that explains the fact that I can’t seem to get enough these days? Or maybe I just love broccoli an unnatural amount? On second though, don’t answer that.

After all the grilling I did for my first socca pizza, some might think it’s strange that only a few measly veggies survived. I, however, am surprised I was actually able to save some to enjoy as a snack.


And since no snack time could be complete with kabocha…

Kabocha + coconut butter = magic.


Oh, and a little night cap of chocolate banana soft serve for good measure.

+ With a side of cacoa nibs and funky lighting.

Questions: Have you ever felt like you lost your “mojo” in something you love? What’s your favorite way to get back on track? How do you show your thanks?


Have a lovely day!





5 responses to “Getting My Mojo Back

  1. im currently in a rut !! skl has started up again and i just dnt have time or energy to think about making new dishes again!.. i needed this post!

  2. I had a week where I had socca almost every night! That stuff is SO good! 🙂

    I used to be a dancer and have felt for a while that I lost my “mojo” with it. I haven’t been a “dancer” for years now but I do like taking exercise classes that involve dancing so that I can still make it a part of my life! 🙂

  3. I’m curious about this Socca! Looks delicious! And since you’ve eaten it so much lately, I will have to take your word that it is GOOD!
    Sorry you’ve been in a food rut! I think it happens to us all. I think it’s best just to let nature take its course. Try to read blogs and recipe books, eventually you will be inspired!

  4. I’ve definitely gotten in food ruts. It’s hard to cook a lot when school is in session!

  5. apparently i need to try socca pizza!! 😀

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