Cupcake of the Day

Hey there! How are you? After a busy week, I’m glad tomorrow is Friday, and even better, that I have the day off from school due to Good Friday. My house has been buzzing with Easter preparations as the celebration draws closer. We’re thinking of doing a make-you-own-pizza family dinner with homemade multigrain crust and lots of toppings (socca pizza for me!).

I’ve made a few vegetarian pizzas (not vegan because of the cheese) for my family which were very well recieved and will definitely be making an encore appareance on our dinner table.

If you celebrate Easter or Passover, do you have any plans or family traditions? When I was younger, my aunts and uncles would join me in an Easter egg hunt early Sunday morning, complete with “Easter egg detectors” and “maps from the Easter bunny.” Somehow we would always manage to miss a few though, only to find a little sum of extra change part-way through the year and promptly lose it come Easter the next year. Kind of like the sock monster, huh?

Cupcake of the Day 

Way back in 7th grade, my love of baking blossomed with cupcakes. It all happened so fast that I’m not even sure what happened. One day my mom, grandmother, and I were making chocolate chip cookies and snickerdoodles, and the next it seemed like we had baked our way through an entire book of cupcakes. With all the baking I was doing, I was able to bring cupcakes into school almost every other day!

hello, dream job!

To this day I still have a special place in my heart for cupcakes. I love seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they receive their very own little treat. I also have a special connection with cupcakes because I attribute my formal introduction to cooking to that first cupcake book. Somehow cupcakes led to muffins, which finally led to discovering a vegan bakery and trying vegan baking out for myself. From there, my love of vegan baking and cooking grew, and grew, and grew. The rest is history.

To celebrate the joy and artistry of cupcakes, I thought it would be fun to regularly feature cupcake pictures and recipes on my blog. Whether it be for their design, taste, or overall character, I’m excited to share my love of cupcakes with you!


Today’s cupcake is a lemon raspberry one from a cupcake shop by my yoga studio.

I love how it’s frosted! The raspberry frosting was rippled and glazed with lemon icing, just like bumpy cake. Of course it was topped with sprinkles for good measure, too.

Questions: what was the food that really introduced you to serious cooking? Do you have any cupcake photos or recipes that you would like to be featured? I’d love to hear from you!

Have a lovely day!


2 responses to “Cupcake of the Day

  1. For me, it started off with a google search for “healthy brownies” 😛
    I ended up making black bean brownies that just happened to be vegan and that is where my love for healthy baking began!

  2. I LOVE cupcakes! I made Obama themed cupcakes a few years ago the day of his inauguration- they turned out hideously, but it’s the thought that counts 🙂

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