Potaaato, Potahhto

Hey there! And welcome to all the new readers that stopped by my blog yesterday—it was the most visited day since Kabochavore’s launch! I loved seeming both familar and new names in the comments. Please feel free to say what’s on your mind any day. And for those of you silent readers, I’d love to get to know you, too.

AP testing starts this week, so you can bet my nose has been in my books all weekend long. Today is an especially important day because it’s the last day I am able to review without the pressure of other classes. APs would be so much less stressful if I didn’t have to worry about homework ontop of studying a year’s worth of calculus and 400+ years of American History (but hey, at least America is a baby in comparison to other countries = less history to study). Alas, that is not the case; I suppose not much can be done to make 3-4+ hour tests easier anyway. And did I mention we’re not even allowed water or trips to the bathroom? Yikes!


Moving on to happier subjects, although I wasn’t able to do any experimenting of my own in the kitchen yesterday, I did manage to live vicariously through my uncle. When my grandmother and uncle were trying to figure out what to have as a side-dish to their grilled dinner, I suggested grilled potatoes. Cooking the potatoes on the grilled ended up saving them lots of time (since everything was made in the same location) and adding a new smokey flavor to an old favorite (roasted potatoes).

Smokey Grilled PotatoesΒ 

  • 2 russet potatoes
  • olive oil or cooking spray
  • salt & pepper
  • smoked paprika (optional)
  1. Heat grill or grill pan on stove.
  2. Cut potatoes lengthwise into long, somewhat thick strips (~1/2 inch?).
  3. Optional: parboil by placing cut potatoes in a pot filled with cold water. Place pot on stove and bring to a boil. Quickly shut off heat and drain potatoes in a colander to dissipate heat.
  4. Toss potato slices in olive oil or spray with cooking spray. Season with salt&pepper and smoked paprika, if desired.
  5. Place in a grill basket on the grill. Grill until potatoes are fully cooked, flipping occasionally for even browning. Grill times will vary depending on your heat source/potato thickness/parboiling/etc. (It took about 20 minutes on our grill.)

I must say, my uncle is one fine grill master. When I was up at my cottage last summer, he grilled fresh-picked (that day!) vegetables for me almost every day. It was an absolute dream. Here is the chef himself:

Can you guess what his name is? Uncle Pasta! That’s not his real name, silly, but it is what I’ve called him for just about my whole life. Apparently “John” was too difficult for me to say when I first learned to talk, so somehow I decided naming him after carb-y goodness was a better choice. To this day, I still cannot break the habit. And honestly, I don’t think I want to; he will always be “Pasta” to me.

Questions: What’s your favorite thing to grill? And do you have any fun nicknames for your family or friends?

Have a lovely day!



10 responses to “Potaaato, Potahhto

  1. Good luck on testing! I love grilling mushrooms, asparagus and veggie burgers. Me and regular potato’s have never been a fan, but sweet potato’s I will take πŸ™‚

    Uncle pasta haha that’s funny πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, girlie! I’m a sweet potato girl myself, but I often help my family make veggie dishes. I’m pretty sure sweet potatoes would work lovely in this recipe, too (though I’m not sure if I’d reccommend parboiling them because they may become too soft).

  2. I’m not a potato fan, but I like anything that is grilled to a crisp so I would probably like grilled taters! I don’t have any funny names for family members, but it cracks me up that my best friend’s sister calls her Titta. She couldn’t says sister when she was a baby, haha.

  3. Mmm, grilled potatoes sound great!!

    I have my AP test this Friday–we can do it!!

  4. ilovepotatoes.

    Whitney πŸ™‚

  5. Wow! I have AP exams this week too! But I have Calculus, European History and English Literature. =(
    How are you studying for your exams? Just reviewing all your notes?
    Good luck to you! πŸ™‚

  6. Good luck on your exam!!

    I LOVE potatoes. Seriously, I could eat them every day and never get sick of them!

  7. That sounds interesting!! Good luck on the AP exams πŸ™‚ That’s way ambitious… I took AP Calc, but knew I wouldn’t pass the exam so I never signed up for it haha. My senior year I ended up taking 4 APs anyways, so it didn’t really matter. Hopefully where you end up going to college takes your units! I passed out of 8 GE’s and got to graduate a quarter early because of it πŸ™‚

    The history exams were my fav. I hope I’m not a nerd by saying have fun studying πŸ™‚ Because it’ll be over soon before you know it!! GOOD LUCK!

  8. Stephanie Leung

    i hope you score a five on those tests! haha ive been doing the same thing as you with my study habits. funnily enough, i am also taking ap calc and us history.

    btw those potatoes look delicious, theres nothing better than delicious think potato fries dipped in crazy amounts of ketchup πŸ™‚

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