Bye-bye Calculus!

Hey friends! Guess who’s done with APs?

Answer: Thisgirlrighthere^.

Luckily I don’t have to sit through seemingly unending exams anymore. In full, I spent more than 14 hours in AP testing. After that, my 2-hour finals will be such a breeze. At least I have a few weeks to recuperate though!

Finishing AP exams is definitely a relief, but I still have a busy schedule until the end of the year. The light at the end of the tunnel is definitely prom. It’s actually on the night of my last final, so it will be a true celebration of the end of the school year.

I wasn’t planning on going this year (don’t worry, I’m only a junior—I was planning on going as a senior regardless), but [insert drumroll here] I got asked! It was a surprise to say the least. Even more surprising was the boy who asked me. We were friends freshmen year, but I literally haven’t talked to him in 1.5+ years. Although I’m worried it might be awkward, many people at my school have already congratulated me and told me how he truly wants to get to know me better and wants to be friends again. How sweet! And did I mention he even gave me flowers and asked me with lyrics from one of my favorite songs (Wonderwall, naturally)? What a gentleman!

Anyway, now I have to endure prom dress shopping. I know what you’re thinking: endure? Isn’t it supposed to be fun? Yes, my friends, dress shopping is one of the most fun parts of prom! But unfortunately, finding a unique, cute, classy dress that is in my size AND that looks good on me/fits me well is quite the challenge. Although I love dress shopping and dressing up beyond belief, finding “THE” dress is never easy for me. Being a perfectionist and an odd size does not help matters. Sigh. I’m definitely excited though!

Probably one of my all-time favorite dresses---Audrey Hepburn can do no wrong!

I’m actually about to head out for my first dress attempt in just a little while. It’ll be such a great way to relax with my mom after feeling so bogged down by studying for AP exams. Backing up a little bit, I spent the morning practicing yoga in one of the hottest classes I’ve ever taken. The room was already at 96*F before we started, so you can imagine how hot it got as the class went on. A little (okay, a lot) heat, flowing, and even laughter kept us going. At the end of class, one of the men I practice with was so drenched I couldn’t help but laugh. He literally needed a drain next to him because of how wet his mat was. It was almost like his own personal lake! (Look like he could use some of this to re-fuel.)

It was hilarious, albeit a bit gross, none the less. I think practicing yoga has given me a whole different opinion of sweat. Although I still feel disgusting if I don’t shower immediately, I do love the feeling of sweating during class. It’s like my body’s own cooling system; how beautiful it is that our bodies can regulate themselves and respond to the changing environment!

But enough about sweat. After yoga (and a shower—a cold one at that!), my grandmother and I went shopping. We hit the usual suspects, Trader Joes and Whole Foods. At Whole Foods, I restocked my coconut butter. As the weather gets hotter, I find myself craving it more an more. I think it has something to do with the fact that coconuts are from tropical climates, so my body is adjusting to warmer weather foods with the increase in heat.

I also snagged a bag of sprouted lentils and a bag of sprouted mung beans, both on sale. I’ve been wanting both to grind into flour and make a variation of socca. I absolutely adore socca, but believe that my body needs variety. Since I don’t eat mung beans very often, I think they will be a nice change of flavor and nutrients.

In addition, we also stopped by Meijers to stock up on my favorite kind of tofu and cocoa powder, which I cannot find anywhere else. Naturally we also browsed the kitchen- and table-ware section. Last week I made homemade gluten-free bread using an oddly shaped cake pan, so I wanted to get a 9x9inch pan for better sized slices. As I walked through the isles, a donut pan also caught my eye. I’ve wanted one irrationally for a while now, but I just couldn’t justify it. But hey, this donut pan was cheaper than it is at the mall and on sale. I just couldn’t resist. I guess I’ll be making donuts asap!

I also bought two bamboo bowls that were $5 off each! I have a serious thing for bamboo. It just looks so cool and is totally eco-friendly! The bowls are the perfect size for fruit or side-salads—great for summer!

With that, I’m off to the mall on my quest to find the perfect prom dress. I’ll be back soon with a recipe for super-heatlhy, super-delicious macaroons. I’ve almost felt guilty keeping such an awesome recipe from you all this time. Get excited!

Questions: Do you like getting dressed up? What is your favorite store for dress shopping, and what style of dresses do you like best? What did your prom dress look like?

Have a lovely day!



6 responses to “Bye-bye Calculus!

  1. I LOVE getting dressed up though you owuldn’t know it by my rather unkempt day-to-day appearance πŸ˜‰ It’s just so much fun to put on a pretty dress and twirl around and just be pretty. I dont’ know why. πŸ™‚

    As such I’m rather jealous of your prom experience πŸ˜‰ haha. and wonderwall is SUCH a good song!!!

  2. Aww that’s SO sweet! I hope you have a great time at prom and get to know this guy better πŸ™‚

    I love getting dressed up, but it can be quite a stressful experience for me as well. I tend to be somewhat of a perfectionist myself, and I’m always looking for the PERFECT dress, and getting overwhelmed by all the options out there. It’s like, oh this could be nice, but so could that. Argh! But when it comes down to it, when you find THE dress, you’ll know πŸ™‚

  3. I never went prom dressing shopping- I borrowed a friend’s dress πŸ™‚ Have a great time!

  4. I love getting dressed up once in a while. Most of the time I’m in lazy girl clothes (sad to admit) ha but it does feel good when you look nice.
    Congrats on being done with AP’s!! πŸ˜€

  5. THAT IS SO SO SWEET!i love getting dressed up for good occassions!! but if its just for fun then i would keep thigns natural! YAY for being done with APs!

  6. I am not much of a shopper–I get frustrated too easily πŸ˜‰

    YAYYYY for being done with AP’s!!!

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