These [Shoes] Were Made For [Dancing]

These [shoes] were made for [dancing]…

…and that’s just what they did.

Prom on Wednesday night (my junior prom) was absolutely magical. It started really early with my Honors Chemistry final and some banana peanut butter coconut muffins (YUM!), which were the perfect fuel for my brain.

From there, I came home and relaxed for a little while. Then I was off to practice yoga before all the prom preparations started. The flow was sweet, the room was hot, and the energy was amazing! Even though the timing was tight, I’m so glad I went! Afterwards I cam home, quickly showered, and snacked. Some people do the pre-party thing (like with a glass of champagne—but I’m 17 so clearly that’s out), but I do the pre-veggie thing. Naturally.


post-yoga, pre-hair&make-up

In a matter of minutes I was in the car going to the hair and makeup salon. This was my first time going there, and I was very impressed. I think they did a wonderful job; it was exactly what I wanted! I usually don’t wear any makeup and leave my hair naturally curly so it was definitely nice to get a little pampered.

post-hair&make-up, pre-dress

In all honesty, I’m pretty low maintenance for a combination of reasons. Mostly, it’s just easier (especially since I practice hot yoga every day), but I really do enjoy getting all dolled up. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I like just embracing what I already have. I used to be pretty self-concious (what girl isn’t?!), but now I’ve really learned to love myself. It’s been a long journey (one which I hope to write a post about soon), but it’s been worth it since now I feel totally content with who I am. Prom definitely culminated all my feelings of love and happiness. I couldn’t have felt better!

And everything couldn’t have been more perfect. My date ended up being so sweet. I’ve known him since freshman year, but we hadn’t really talked since sophomore. We’ve both changed a lot since then! Actually, scratch that. He told me he remembered me all the way back from 7th or 8th grade when I was Amelia Earhart in my school’s Advanced Drama Showcase (that’s when the boys and girls were sepearted for middle school). I can’t believe he remembered that; in fact, I almost forgot about it until he reminded me!

Oh, and despite our faces, it was definitely not the ideal weather. It was 100*F with high humidity! Everyone was absolutely melting, but thanks to yoga, I fared pretty well. I love heat, but it’s not quite as fun when you don’t want to sweat, ruin your makeup, or feel so overheated you don’t want to do anything (even dance). No me gusta. Luckily we took pictures as quickly as possible at my house and then with our group.

the girls πŸ™‚

Then we got into our airconditioned limo, fully stocked with mini water bottles. Now that’s what I’m talking about. We headed to a nice little french bistro for dinner, where I got creative with the menu. I eneded up with a beautiful romaine salad topped with perfectly grilled vegetables. I usually don’t like oily veggies, but they were done so well that I didn’t care. I dominated that salad like you wouldn’t believe! Honestly, I think my whole table was a little shocked. This girl does love her veggies!

After dinner Β it was finally time for the party. It was held at my school in the quadrangle. I wish I had pictures because it looked absolutely breathtaking. There were little candles lighting the whole walk way, the fountain fountain was illuminated and flowing, and the old iconic tower was in the middle of it all. Mac and I danced, chatted, and played in the fountain all night long. The cool water felt so good against my slightly blistered feet. We partied through the last song after which we had a long walk to where Mac parked his car. I didn’t mind though because the night was so beautiful, and Mac was there to make sure I wouldn’t trip in the dark. We even saw a few bunnies enjoying the silence with us.


I was invited to multiple after-parties, but Mac was kind enough to warn me that they weren’t exactly “my scene.” I really admire him for making the responsible decision and taking me home, rather than taking me to a place that might compromise my morals. I know that drugs and alcohol are often things people don’t like to talk about, but they are Β huge high school problems regardless. Perhaps I will write a post about why I think it’s so important to raise awareness and chose to abstain.


When I arrived home, I sat on my porch for a few minutes to savor the last moments of the perfect night. Before he left, Mac opened his door to ask me what I was doing. I explained, and he smiled. Mystery is a beautiful thing…


Questions: what was your prom like? Did you go with a date or a group? If you haven’t gone to prom, what do you dream about it? Tell me everything!


Have a lovely day!



12 responses to “These [Shoes] Were Made For [Dancing]

  1. You look SO beautiful!! So sweet of Mac for not taking you to those parties–not my thing either! No drugs or alcohol for this chick. First of all it’s illegal, but second of all, why risk doing something I’d TOTALLY regret?!
    Regardless, your dress is gorgeous!!!

  2. sunshinevegan

    Wow you are so so beautiful! You don’t need make up or any of that stuff but it does feel mice to play up what you have on special occasions! I’m totally with you on going natural and not wearing makeup.
    My prom was kinda like yours. My date and I were just friends and we went out before hand and skipped the crazy after-party scene πŸ™‚ I had a really lovely time and it looks like you did too!

  3. Aww girl you look SO beautiful! For real. And it’s great to hear that you had a good time πŸ˜€

    I went to prom with the guy I was dating at the time, but we were also part of a bigger group of people. It was tonnes of fun to get all prettied up, and the formal dinner with family and friends was super nice. Lots of dancing… good food πŸ˜€ And the after party was actually a pretty good time as well. I didn’t drink, and neither did my guy, so it was nice to be able to have some sober fun with the high school gang, and we didn’t get back till around 6 AM. Good times for sure πŸ˜€

  4. See that sounds so lovely. I’m so glad you respect yourself enough to not do drugs etc to fit in. So unneeded! You look so stunning !!!

  5. You looked absolutely beautiful! I wish I looked half that pretty at my prom (4 years ago- yikes!) – I was so uncomfortable with my dress and hair!

    I went with a group that I didn’t really know that well and it wasn’t that fun. I went back to my friend’s house and watched Harry Potter all night. Definitely better than a party! It’s so great that you have a good attitude about the whole drinking / drug scene considering you’re still in high school. I drank in high school- not a lot, but still did- and it was just so stupid! I’m such a homebody now- it’s just not my scene πŸ™‚

  6. awww these are such lovely pictures, and you look absolutely beautiful! love the dress, the color is PERFECT on you. glad you had a lot of fun! prom holds such good memories for me =)

  7. you look gORGEOUS!!! and i love the shoes and the dress and the makeup- everything!!

  8. Oh my god, you look stunning girly!! The whole outfit is totally gorgeous!
    Here in the UK they aren’t so big on proms but I did have one at my school. I didn’t have a date but I just went with a group of my girlfriends and we still had fun :). I had an amazingly stunning dress that I still have hanging in my wardrobe, I really hope I can wear it again someday!

  9. Oh my dog you look so gorgeous! You and your date are adorable.
    I missed prom this year, but I have 2 more years of high school left πŸ™‚

  10. Girl, you look absolutely stunning!!! I LOVE your dress and your hair and make up look PERFECT!! πŸ™‚

    I didn’t go to prom this year, but I’m definitely not missing senior prom next year! I’m already excited πŸ™‚


  11. You looked so pretty! LOVE your shoes!

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