Feature Fridays

I’ll admit it: I have a weak spot for alliteration, especially in blog titles. There’s something so fun and quirky about weekly installments of themed posts that match the day.

Moves (& Munchies!) Monday, Wordless Wednesday (or even the ever-popular What I Ate Wednesday), Five Things Friday, Staples Sunday. Be still my heart!


But really, what’s not to love? In honor of the end of the workweek and start to the relaxing weekend, I wanted to do a fun post (especially after posting doing a more serious post at the beginning of the week). After finding this survey on Hannah’s blog, I knew I had found my answer. Finding the right f-word (not that f-word, mind you) was a challenge though. Thank goodness for Google!


[A] Apples or oranges: Apples! If an apple a day really does keep the doctor away, then I’m good for a while. I have an apple a day at least!


[B] Beans or lentils: I use beans more frequently, but I will always love lentils, too. Even though beans take longer to soak, they seem so much more convenient!

[C] Cereal or oatmeal: Oatmeal. My grandmother must be laughing in Heaven as I speak because when I was younger, I absolutely refused to eat oatmeal. Now I loooove it.

[D] Dates or raisins: Dates. They seriously taste like natural brown sugar. They are crazy good warmed up in the microwave and spread with just a smidge of raw almond butter.

[E] Eggs or milk: That’s an easy one: milk all the way…well, almond milk, that is! Eggs have always kinda creeped me out, not to mention I choose not to consume them for ethical reasons now that I’m vegan.

[F] French toast or waffles: Waffles, I suppose. I haven’t really had either lately, maybe because being gluten-free and vegan complicates things (but not impossible, of course).

[G] Garlic or salt: Garlic! Vampires, beware; this girl loves her garlic!

[H] Honey or maple syrup: I use maple syrup more often, mostly because I live in a maple syrup-rich area (my school even has a maple syrup hut and uses it during the winter!) Being vegan, I have mixed feelings on honey, but have decided it’s a nice treat if coming from ethical, local sources.

[I] Ice cream or frozen yogurt: Does banana soft serve count? (Make sure to top with a crumbled black bean brownie and peanut flour drizzle!)

[J] Jam or toast: I can’t even remember the last time I had either. Brown rice or millet toast is my current favorite, though, but I’m sure I’d love to try making a fresh fruit/chia seed jam.

[K] Kale or spinach: Kale! Kale chips. Need I say more? (Added bonus: loaded with calcium. Score!)

[L] Lemon or lime: Lemon. I love how lemon zest makes everything taste so fresh and vibrant!

[M] Muffins or cupcakes: I prefer hearty over sweet/desert, so I’ll go with muffins, unless we’re talking about 5 Minute Chocolate Cupcake topped with coconut cream “icing.” Holy yum!

[N] Nut butter or jelly: Nut butter. I credit raw almond butter with changing my views on [healthy] fats. Bring ’em on!

[O] Onions or peppers: Peppers, just not the green ones! My mom said she ate bell peppers like crazy when she was pregnant but the green ones made her nauseous

[P] Peanuts or almonds: Almonds. Three words: raw almond butter.

[Q] Quick or yeast bread: Quick bread? As long as that includes muffins and corn bread, I’m in. (I love the smell of making yeas bread though. So comforting!)

[R] Raspberry or blackberry: Both. You can never have too much of a good thing.

[S] Sweet or savory: sweet, but by my definition (aka everything from raspberries to broccoli are sweet). Ditch the sugar, though!

[T] Tea or coffee: Tea every morning, even in the summer.

[U] Udon or spaghetti noodles: Gluten-free black bean spaghetti or spaghetti squash, please!

[V] Vanilla or chocolate: Chocolate all the way! I’m a huge believer in unsweetened cocoa powder. I like to tell myself it has beneficial antioxidants so having some each day is a must. (Vanilla is my absolute favorite smell though.)

[W] Whole wheat or white bread: Gluten-free whole grain, please.

[X] Xanthan or guar gum: Using both makes wonderful healthy [protein] ice cream!

[Y] Yogurt or pudding: Pudding, especially if it includes chia seeds or cocoa powder… or both! Apple Pumpkin Chia Seed Pudding is one of my favorites.

[Z] Zucchini or cucumber: Zucchini. I love it raw as “spaghetti” noodles, sauteed with onions and peppers, and just simply steamed.

What do you want to feature this Friday?

Have a lovely day!



4 responses to “Feature Fridays

  1. i love this idea!!! thank u for mentioning a few of mine 🙂

  2. LOVE this!! 😀

  3. I just started doing feature fridays, they are fun! 🙂


  4. I LOVE alliteration as well!! Great post!!

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