Veggie-Friendly Recipes Needed!

It’s kind of overcast, muggy, and quiet outside, but it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Today has already been filled with yoga, errands, and time with the family—just how I like it!

My morning started out bright and early with a hot vinyasa class. The flow was so intuitive and just challenging enough to keep my mind engaged in my practice. Afterwards, Nanny (my grandmother) and I did our usual Trader Joe’s shopping. We even purchased a block of tempeh so that Nanny and I can make vegan White Bean Tempeh Patties for her to use for lunches during the week. I may not have a dry bean soaking, green smoothie drinking, raw kale salad eating, vegan convert yet, but I’m excited Nanny sees the benefits of a plant based diet. Every little bit helps!

We also check out Border’s on our way home. It saddens me to think that Border’s will be only a memory in a short time; I loved that place! I made sure to pick up lots of books before the impending closing, including AP books for next year, cookbooks, and some fiction. Today’s finds included The China Study and Crazy Sexy Diet. The China Study has been on my list for awhile, so I’m glad to finally dive in. I always try to pick up books that will teach me something new.

When we finally came home, I made Nanny something to eat. Ever since I introduced her to open-faced hummus sandwiches, she’s been crazy about them. Brownie points for a totally vegetarian meal!

For myself, I made a protein-packed treat: Vega chocolate protein “ice cream.”

I’m obsessed.

Now I’m baking a batch of vegan baked donuts while Nanny reads one of my favorite cookbooks, Clean Food by Terry Walters. Even though it is not strictly a vegan cookbook, Clean Fooddefinitely revolutionized the way I view whole foods. I hope Nanny will enjoy it, too!

What are you up to this weekend? Have you read any good books lately? And what’s your favorite vegan or vegetarian recipe that you like to share with others?

Nanny has expressed an interest in cooking vegan/vegetarian more, so I want to have a lot of good options for her. My food might be a little too out there for her still, haha.


Have a lovely day!



One response to “Veggie-Friendly Recipes Needed!

  1. the china study is really eye opening! i loved it and after reading it its gonna make you want to change the world! haha at least thats what it did for me 🙂

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