WIAW #6: Food Over Fear

Hey there! How’s your day going? I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday. I know I say that a lot, but seriously, time flies! Does anyone else find that time seems to speed up as you get older? Sometimes I look at the clock and wonder where the last few hours went. To increase productivity and keep myself on schedule, I have my MacBook Air announce the time every 15 minutes. Bonus: I can change the voice whenever I want.

It’s also hard to believe that this is my last Wednesday of summer. Next Tuesday is registration, and then classes start the following day. Since this will be my senior year, I anticipate both my schedule and heart to be super packed. I feel the nostalgia coming on already!

In all honesty, I wish it wasn’t Wednesday because that means I am only two days away from getting my wisdom teeth pulled. I have a serious phobia of IVs, so I am terrified for my surgery. I have no clue what my eats will look like as I recover, but I have a feeling Vincent will be working overtime, blending smoothies, soup, and kabocha.

Anyway, that’s enough of that. Let’s take our mind off of school and surgeries by focusing on some delicious food. WIAW, thanks for turning my mind to much better more delicious things. I’m always honored to be apart of the party!

Breakfast was quite unconventional if I do say so myself. Instead of my usual oats, pancakes, or chia seed pudding, I had savory popcorn with nutritional yeast. Popcorn doesn’t sound like a great idea while I have big holes in my mouth, so I figured I’d get my craving out now. Was that TMI? Sorry.

I also had fresh fruit with cinnamon and unsweetened cocoa powder. I could eat this all day long.

For lunch I had a deconstructed salad (on a plate) and a purple sweet potato.

I am CRAZY about purple sweet potatoes! I mean seriously, absolutely, crazy in-love. I spent one day calling every store in my area I could think of to see if they carried them. I even searched online to see if I could get them sent to me. What we do for love…

If you ever see them at the store, pick some up! Sometimes they’re called Hawaiian sweet potatoes (or yams) or Okinawan yam. They’re white-ish/grey on the outside and purple on the inside. The longer you cook them, the darker the insides become and the sweeter the taste develops. I like to roast mine in tin foil (after washing and pricking with a fork, of course) at 400*F for AT LEAST an hour. If I have self-control and not nibble while they’re still in the oven, I bake them for an hour and fifteen minutes to an hour and a half.

Since my dinner was pretty standard fare, I thought I’d show you what I made for my family, too. Last night I made a quinoa stir fry with bok choy, edamame, red bell peppers, and asparagus, all drizzled with a luscious coconut peanut sauce (be on the lookout for a recipe soon).

The key to delicious quinoa is rinsing it in a strainer before boiling. Cooking it in a little coconut milk (I’m talking the super creamy dreamy stuff from the can) or stirring some in right before it’s done doesn’t hurt either.

I am pleased to report that my family has been eating vegetarian (well, vegan all except for one) dinners for over a week now. Since their breakfasts are usually vegetarian (eggs or cereal with cow’s milk), I’d say my family is really embracing the whole plant-based diet thing. I couldn’t be happier!

However, since they’re still new to this and I don’t want to turn them off from vegan food, I’ve been making sure that every meal is exciting and full of flavor. In fact, that’s one of the reasons I’ve been making different meals for them and myself.

My palate is tuned to find the sweetness and delicate flavor in minimally prepared foods. I would be completely happy eating a sweet potato (with almond butter and/or beans for nutrition) and a huge bowl full of steamed veggies for most of meals, but I know that might be a little to “plain” for my family right now.

Tuning my palate into the natural flavor of foods has opened me up to so many wonderful tastes. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy a beautifully prepared sauce or complicated gourmet recipe. I do, I really do. But I’m a simple girl, and sometimes, like last night, all I really want is roasted veggies (eggplant fries and bell peppers are favorites right now) with vegan lentil “meatballs” dipped in tomato basil sauce and sprinkled with nutritional yeast. You can bet I always have steamed broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, and carrots on the side.

Speaking of naturally delicious food, have you tried banana soft serve yet? All you have to do is freeze a banana (slices are best) and blend it in the food processor with a touch of almond milk until creamy.

In just minutes, you’re left with an awesome dessert that rivals the best of them. Seriously, sometimes I wonder why people even eat ice cream. Not only does banana soft serve taste amazing, but it also leaves me feeling amazing, too. There’s nothing like a sugar crash or upset stomach to put a damper on dessert. Why not feel energized and satisfied all while satisfying your sweet tooth?

Oh, and did I mention banana soft serve is totally customizable? I like to add in a tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa powder and a dash of cinnamon after everything is well-blened. It’s like eating healthy chocolate ice cream—but better!

As much as I love banana soft serve, I do have a special place in my heart for So Delicious Sugar-Free Coconut Milk Ice Cream (mint chip, of course). It’s definitely decadent and rich (not to mention expensive!), so I usually only take a few spoonfuls at a time. The nutritional stats are pretty awesome, too. (Side note: is anyone as excited as I am about the release of coconut milk greek yogurt? I keep bugging my local Whole Foods about when it will arrive. I can’t wait!)

Did you have your wisdom teeth out? If so, do you have any advice for me or any food recommendations for recovery? Also, what’s your most unconventional meal? Do you have a favorite treat that tastes so good you’d swear it was something else? Lots of questions today!

Have a lovely day!



13 responses to “WIAW #6: Food Over Fear

  1. I have seen purple sweet potatoes, but have yet to try them. Are they different from regular sweets? I’m obsessed with those. 🙂

  2. I’ve still all my wisdom teeth, though i’d imagine lots of puree’s and mashies will be in order for the following week!
    OoooH, my eyes lit up when i saw that pretty purple sweet p’tato! Oh ive recently fallen in love with sweet p’tatos.
    Do the purple ones taste any different from the standard ones?

  3. I had my wisdom teeth out a few years ago and it was over before I knew it even started! I did not swell much and was able to eat just about anything I wanted 2 days later. Smoothies with a spoon (no straws!) wil be your best friend for a day and just make sure you take tylenol alot and you’ll do fine!!!

  4. aww…I just had my wisdom teeth pulled a couple of months ago. I am TERRIFIED of the dentist, but it actually wasn’t bad at all. Primarily because my super awesome oral surgeon gave me some sort of anxiety med (xanax, or perhaps sometimes stronger, I don’t remember) to take before I even got to the office. It REALLY helped. That way I wasn’t nervous about the IV. Not sure if you’d want to do that, but maybe it’s an option to keep from stressing so much. Good luck!

    On a food note..I’m SO going to make at least half of your suggestions. Lentil “meatballs”, yum!

    • Thanks so much for you advice! My oral surgeon said he’d give me laughing gas before putting in the IV so I won’t even notice it. He said, if anything, I may even laugh when they put it in, haha. That’s much better than freaking out!

      As for the lentil “meatballs,” I’ll try to post the recipe soon. They’re tasty, filling, and made with all natural ingredients (not to mention vegan and gluten-free). Enjoy your tasty eats!

  5. I had my wisdom teeth out and honestly it wasn’t that bad! I’d never even had an IV before so I was kind of freaked out but it wasn’t too terrible.

    All those eats look good! Get the crunchy stuff in now 😉

  6. buttonss - Cherie

    Ohh sorry to hear about your wisdom tooth 😦
    I hope mine never have to come out.
    I love purple sweet potato too! And its such an awesome colour.

  7. I had my wisdom teeth out a couple years ago and my ED began shortly afterwards. Don’t back down on food!! I, too hated needles and such but just relax and know that these people do this for a living and many people live through it all the time. I know it isn’t your idea of a good time (mine either) but it has got to be done. I’ve actually always thought of having popcorn for breakfast. I’d dip mine in nut butter.
    As for food, don’t subsist on applesauce and babyfood. Do things like shakes and make sure to get calories in!! Shakes are easy and delish and you can even blend squash and sweet potatoes into them with nut butter. All in all, it is an interesting if not alltogether unpleasant experience.
    I love veggies with nut butter and like to make weird mixes. Hummus and nut butter is also a plus. Do you sense a nut butter goes with everything trend?

  8. Oh my goodness I want that sugar free coconut icecream! It looks soooooooooooooo delicious. Emphasis on the so in case you didn’t notice 🙂 Why is Canada always so far behind on all the good products?

    As for the wisdom teeth, I had mine out a few years ago, and the actually surgery itself wasn’t too bad. Make sure to drink enough afterwards though so you don’t have too little energy. It’s hard to get enough energy in on liquid foods, but some I suggest are smoothies, yogurt, icecream, soup, oatbran, and cottage cheese. All the best 🙂

  9. Hey Mandiee, thanks for coming to visit my blog! Keep doing what you’re doing; it’s awesome! I know “when I was your age” I didn’t care at all about nutrition. I was 20 before I became vegetarian, I didn’t really start cooking for myself properly until 23 or 24, and I didn’t start eating really healthy stuff until I started reading all these great blogs… and that was last year sometime. Seriously; healthy living blogs are changing the world and it’s inspirational to see this coming from young people. Now I need to try my quinoa with coconut milk! The coconut milk greek yogurt sounds divine!

    Don’t worry about wisdom tooth surgery; they didn’t use an IV for mine until after I was out, so there was nothing to worry about. The last thing I remember was a nice vanilla scent… like nilla wafers! Keep up with ibuprofen afterwards and eat lots of smoothies (with a spoon! NO STRAWS) and banana soft serve! 😉 Oh and hey, another benefit to IVs? When you are that well hydrated afterwards your skin will be SUPER soft. Good luck and don’t worry! You’ll be fine! 🙂

  10. Ooh, what voices can you use? That sounds great 🙂
    This looks like an amazing day of food… I’d be happy with a huge plate of veg, nutritional yeast and ketchup for dinner too but great that you’ve been making so many different ones for your family and they love them!
    Hope the op goes ok and rinsing with salt water afterwards helps harden the gums up more quickly x

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