WIAW #11: I’ve Got Spirit; How ‘Bout You?

Hey there! How’s your week going?

This week’s a biggie for me. First of all, it’s spirit week at my school (and homecoming is this Saturday), so the festivities are endless! Yesterday we had almost a two hour period in the middle of the day dedicated just to playing fun outdoor games. It was a little chilly (okay, A LOT chilly), but fun none the less. I’m starting to get pretty nostalgic because this is my last year of high school. I’ve been at my school since 3 years old, so graduating in June is almost unfathomable.

Another exciting thing this week is the notification of my scholarship information (wish me luck!) that I should be receiving soon. Of course I hope that I make it to the next round, but regardless of what happens, I’m definitely glad I tried. Writing college essays has given me time to reflect on who I am am and who I’m growing up to be. They require a lot of thought, effort, and time, but will be wonderful to tuck away to read many years from now.

Anyway, let’s get to the food! It is What I Ate Wednesday after all. 🙂 [—>check it out here!]

Breakfast: pumpkin spice (protein) muffin with cinnamon-spiced apples, almond milk, and a dollup of pumpkin on top.

Lunch: hummus + veggie sandwich on homemade vegan + gluten-free bread. (Check back for the recipe on Thursday.) I adore this bread. It’s made with buckwheat, sprouted quinoa, and flax seed. Yummmm!

Dinner: vegan + gluten-free pumpkin mac and cheese (sprinkled with smoked paprika) and kale chips. The sauce was surprisingly savory; you can barely taste the pumpkin, but it definitely lends a wonderful creaminess to the sauce. Nooch + pumpkin is a lot better combination than I imagined!

Dessert: chocolate banana soft serve. Naturally.

How did you enjoy your senior year of high school? What’s are you eating today? 

Have a lovely day!



6 responses to “WIAW #11: I’ve Got Spirit; How ‘Bout You?

  1. I was a cheerleader so I know alllll about spirit week 😉 haha

    Your chcoolate banana softserve looks AMAZING!

  2. oooh yum. First of all I love pumpkin protein muffin things.
    second of all. wow vegan mac and cheese with pumpkin? I need to get on that!!
    I’ll be honest with you and tell you that I hated high school 100%
    but good luck with your applications!!

  3. My senior year of high school was fun but stressful, and FAST. That year definitely went by the quickest so savor your spirit week!

  4. Loving the soft serve! And everything else.Good luck on scholarships girl!!!


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