Oh Hey There

Oh hey there! Remember me? I know, I know; it’s been awhile. But I’m finally back to stay! These last two months have honestly been the busiest I have ever been in my life. Ever since I got my wisdom teeth out, I’ve been consumed with mountains of homework (that’s what I get for taking so many APs!), work at my new job, and, of course, college applications. College apps almost deserve there own sentence. Seriously. They were a job in and of themselves!

Anyway, through these two months, I’ve gotten into some bad habits that I’m not particularly proud to admit. I have been consistently running on 6 hours of sleep and subsequently have fallen pray to caffine to keep me going. I have also been in a bit of a food rut, feeding my body the same thing time and time again. Luckily my veggie quota and yoga practice haven’t suffered. If anything, I’ve been eating more fresh vegetables to keep my energy levels up and even been practicing stronger in yoga to keep my mind focused.


But what does this all mean? Fortunately, all of my hard work and sacrifices have paid off so far. I found out two weeks ago that I was accepted into the first round of a scholarship program that would absolutely change my life. I am able to apply to 8 colleges early for a full-ride scholarship for my undergraduate education. On December 1st, I will know the decision (and if I am accepted, I will also know where I am going).


Needless to say it is going to be a nerve-wracking month while I wait to hear my decision. Aside from praying profusely, I’m keeping my mind relaxed by doing what I do best: baking. Thank goodness I’m back in the kitchen! It’s been much, much too long. Last night I kicked off my newfound freedom by baking Pumpkin Cupcakes with Maple and Nutmeg.


My kitchen smelled like HEAVEN. Seriously. I have no words.


I’ll have that recipe coming soon this week. However, I should apologize in advance for not having light for my photos. It gets dark at 5PM now!


But know that you know what I’ve been up to, tell me how you’ve been. What did you dress up as for Halloween? Have you been doing any seasonal things, like going to the cider mill, taking a hay ride, or stuffing your face with pumpkin?


Have a lovely day!



2 responses to “Oh Hey There

  1. Hey welcome back! Congrats on getting through it all and on your potential scholarship! That’s awesome.

    The new thing is building light boxes for those winter evenings! Back to Her Roots had a great step-by-step tutorial about a week ago! I can’t wait to make one! šŸ™‚

  2. congrats on QB šŸ™‚
    I went through that same process last year too
    even though i stupidly declined being finalist,
    I’m happy where I’m at now:)
    Boston College
    I hope you have an amazing senior year and you go girl!

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