How to Survive the Holiday Madness and Finish 2011 with a BANG

Well, November, it’s been real. I honestly have no clue where the time has been going. But that’s not important; my desire to make the most of the new year certainly is.

I know it’s only Decemeber 11th, but why not start off the New Year’s Resolutions early? After running non-stop for the past few months, it’d feel good to do something early for once. Let’s do this.

How to Survive the Holiday Madness and Finish 2011 with a BANG

  • Smile. Simply taking time to smile at yourself in the mirror (or just internally) will increase your happiness. Seriously, it’s proven! And hey, while you’re at it, why not smile at someone else, too. Happiness is contagious!
  • Bake something. I don’t know about you, but I love the smell of freshly baked cookies. (Come on, who doesn’t?) They taste yummy and are great to share with friends as a surprise. You don’t even need to get fancy. It’s the thought that counts!
  • Get together. Holidays are all about family and friends. But in the midst of large gatherings, sometimes it’s hard to really connect with each and every person. Take a little time out of your busy schedule to meet a friend for coffee (or tea!) or call a family member or friend you haven’t talked with in a while. I know I definitely will be doing this since my social schedule has been virtually non-existant in the past few months (I’m looking at you, college apps).
  • Make time for YOU. School and work are busy wrapping up the year. Holiday shopping, planning, and decorating are in full swing. To Do Lists are out of control. Rather than feeling overwhelmed, set aside some time for yourself every single day. Whether it’s an hour spent taking a bubble bath or a few moments drinking hot cocoa in peace, “me time” will help you feel rejuvenated when you get back to the hustle and bustle.
  • Turn up the jams. That’s right, I’m talking about cranking up your favorite music, signing along, and dancing around your house in your socks. It’s a great release and will leave you feeling 10000x better. Jamming to your favorite beats while exercising or singing along to Christmas music on the drive home are also great optio
  • Dress for success. Wearing a favorite piece of jewelry or lounging in fuzzy socks always makes me feel special. Whether you dig out your favorite heels for a night out or snuggle in your comfiest pjs, putting a little extra effort into your apparel looks and feels great.



As I pound out the last of my college apps (there are still 7/19 left to go-UGH), I’ll make sure to do each and every one of these. Actually, as I type this I’m about to go make muffins. Bake something? Check.


What are your goals for the rest of the year? How do you survive the holiday season? 




One response to “How to Survive the Holiday Madness and Finish 2011 with a BANG

  1. That’s such a cute dress! 🙂 I’m going to be super-productive this winter break – I’ll learn to walk in heels. And buy tons of cute ones.

    You’re applying to NINETEEN schools? Are you crazy??

    JK, good luck. 😉

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