It Happens

Yesterday, I think I was bitten by the negativity bug. Nothing particularly horrible happened, but I just wasn’t my usual spunky self. I think it had something to do with the heart-wrenching nightmare I had the previous night as well as being burned out for far too long. My work load is pretty heavy right now. But hey, it happens.

Fortunately, it was nothing a great yoga practice could not solve. A few twists, balancing postures, chatarungas, and I felt completely renergized.

I also elected to take some time for myself. Baking donuts was just what the doctor ordered.

Simple cake donuts with chocolate frosting and sprinkles to share…

and gluten-free raspberry donuts for me. They’ve yet to be frosted because I just could not wait to try them. Once I licked some of the delicious batter straight from the bowl (the bowl had to be cleaned some way, right? It happens.), I was hooked… and I wanted my donuts NOW. I dug in without even thinking about frosting. It happens.

Although I’m currently brainstorming some healthy chocolate raspberry frosting ideas, I’m happy enjoying the raspberry donuts as is for now. Sometimes simplicity is best.


And fortunately, just as negativity bugs come, they go as well. Yoga and some love from my family definitely made me feel better; in fact, my Tuesday is already a million times better. I think the donuts had something to do with it. Happiness by way of donuts—it happens!


How do you get out of a negativity funk? And how’s your Tuesday going so far?


Have a lovely day!



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