WIAW #16: Idea Edition

Hi there, beautiful people! How are you on this wonderful Wednesday?


What’s so wonderful about it? Well, aside from it being one Wednesday closer to spring break, it’s also one of the first days where it’s felt like spring. The Midwest enjoyed some pretty beautiful weather yesterday, and fortunately it’s supposed to continue today. I hope you’re enjoying some sunshine where you live, too!


Of course another thing that makes this Wednesday so wonderful is WIAW @ Peas and Crayons. I love sharing my delicious eats and getting inspired by everyone else. Isn’t it amazing how many different ways of balanced, healthful, and tasty eating there is?



Breakfast: baked cocoa strawberry oats 

I suppose breakfast was a no-brainer today; it’s the third Wednesday (or really Tuesday) that I’ve enjoyed it. Truth is, I love dark chocolate cocoa powder. Since I didn’t have my usual chocolate banana soft serve for dessert the night before, I was left craving some chocolatey goodness. Naturally dark chocolate (88% cocoa, of course) was involved as well. You can never have enough chocolate.


Snack: chopped mango

Fun fact: my best friend used to called me Mango and I would call her Kiwi. Everytime I eat either of these fruits now I can’t help but smile.



Lunch: crispy tofu dippers with sugar snap peas; apple, Mary’s Gone Crackers, and salad with yellow tomatoes (unpictured)

My lunch was actually eaten in stages + in a hurry because I had to quickly jet off to my school’s girl’s middle school. I am a mentor for a small group of 7th grade girls, and today we met together. Every time we gather for good food (homemade donuts will make anyone listen. seriously.) and constructive discussions.

Today’s topic was substance abuse. Although it was a little heavy at first, once I opened it up to hear what the girls had to say, I think it really got through to them. Many of the girls expressed an open disgust for alcohol and drugs. (I hope it stays this way!) Sharing my honest experiences with them and expressing that not “everyone” does it was hopefully a good lesson.


Dinner: roasted purple sweet potatoes, asparagus, red bell peppers, and pan-sauteed crispy kale (+ lots of munching on extra tofu like I made for lunch; yum!)

After the rest of my busy day at school and a relaxing yoga practice, I made a simple dinner while doing homework. I’ve had extensive plans to make homemade pizza for a few weeks now, but everytime I have time to do so, it’s just not what I’m craving. Does this ever happen to you?

Purple sweet potatoes, however, were definitely on my radar. I’ve been quite the purple sweet potato fiend lately, so my stock is running out. Must find some more ASAP!


Dessert: gluten-free + vegan strawberry donuts

One word: yum!


Now for my idea explanation. Usually before I go to bed I have a big bowl of steamed or roasted veggies with some raw nuts. While I prepare this snack, I am able to immerse myself in the meditative chopping of vegetables. As I unwind from the day, I often do my best thinking. Last night was no exception. I finally put two and two together: my interest in baking, mentoring young girls, entrepreneurship, and possibly even yoga might be able to come together to form my career one day (or at least something fun on the side). Inspired by Molly Barker or Girls on the Run, I think it would be fun to start a program for young girls that empowers to to love their bodies by teaching them how to cook healthy (and delicious!) food. I have many years of school left ahead of me, so for now I’ll tuck that idea away. However, it’s a great to know that something finally clicked!


How did you choose your career? And what foods are you enjoying this Wednesday? 


Have a lovely day!



9 responses to “WIAW #16: Idea Edition

  1. That’s really cool that you mentor middle schoolers! I’d love to do something like that. I coach elementary school cheerleading right now, through a program at church, and it’s really fun 🙂 I love getting to work with kids!

    I didn’t know WHAT I wanted to do when I was in school, so I decided on marketing, and I love it! I’m lucky I picked something I actually enjoy!

    I enjoyed yogurt this morning and I’m going to be enjoying Thai food that my friend is cooking tonight!!!

  2. I have to say I’m super impressed by your mango cutting skills. I always cut them “incorrectly” (and some might say dangerously ;))!

  3. It is beyond cool how much you’re working to be a powerful influence on younger girls. While I wouldn’t necessarily say that I wish I’d had an influence like that (because I’m pretty happy with the person I am now), I didn’t have any really strong female influences, so I’m sure it would have made a HUGE difference.
    Oh, and purple sweet potatoes are the best.

  4. I have never been able to cut a mango! I wish I could do it like that! Can you create a how to video so we can all follow along? 🙂 Seriously, I struggle and make the biggest mess every time I try…

  5. I love that idea!! Definitely keep that idea in mind. Our society NEEDS it. A healthy approach to nutrition and food and you could even work body image and other types of peer pressure and what not! Wow that is awesome!!
    Your oats have to be the prettiest thing I’ve seen on all the WIAWs. Quite possibly the most drool worthy too.

  6. Your breakfast looks so good!! Do you have a recipe for that?!

  7. Now I have to get a donut pan!

    I started working at a school and realized that I loved it and was pretty good at it. So here I am, 5-6 years later and still loving it!

  8. Your eats look delicious! I really need to invest in a donut pan beacause how cute are they, seriously.

    And I second what Sarah said above, well done on that mango. Much nicer than mine usually turns out lol

  9. That’s really an awesome idea. I know cooking is really relaxing for me as well, and I think someone who is having trouble could really benefit from learning. As well as nourishing themselves, it teaches them that they can do something- that they’re capable of creating something wonderful!
    What a beautiful idea, I really hope it works out for you one day!

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