WIAW #17: Testing Overload Edition

Whew! What a week, and it’s only Wednesday! Would you believe I’ve already had 3 tests, 2 papers, 1 project, and 1 quiz since Monday? Fortunately, the countdown to spring break is on. I just have to make it through Friday, and then I have two weeks off. Getting some major sleep + realxing time is first on the list!

Fortunately, I’ve been eating lots of energizing foods to keep me fueled through studying. Taking that extra time to have healthy food on hand really makes a difference in my performance. I can’t argue either; I really do love my greens!

Are there any foods that keep you especially energized? Do you have any tips for eating healthy when you’re pressed for time? 

Appropriately, this week’s What I Ate Wednesday is all about the greens. As per usual, I just can’t get enough of them!

Breakfast: red velvet chocolate pudding (made with steamed beets, dark chocolate cocoa powder, protein powder, almond milk, and stevia)

Although I’ve been loving oat bakes lately, my body has been craving more protein lately. I’m still enjoying lots of carbs (quinoa, muffins, veggies, and fruit, yes please!), but first thing in the morning I want a burst of easily digested protein instead.

This pudding felt light on my stomach while keeping me full and energized. Perfect!


Lunch: salad with homemade sun-dried tomato lentil veggie burger, steamed green beans (unpictured), romaine lettuce and dijon mustard dressing; broccoli, snap peas, and apple (unpictured) on the side

I seriously can not sing the praises of these veggie burgers enough! They were the perfect texture and combination of italian flavors. Even my lunch mates thought they looked and smelled amazing.

I think I sometimes forget home much I like lentils. Every time I decide to make them after a hiatus, I eat them like candy. Call me crazy, but lentils really are an under-rated, delicious vegetarian protein source.


Dinner: deconstructed stir-fry with kale, asparagus, red bell peppers, and crispy tofu

Dinner was simple, per usual, because I still have quite a bit more studying to do. Although I love this simple combination, I can’t wait until I have time to get creative over spring break. I already have lot of ideas formulating in my head!


Dessert/Snacks: homemade nutella butter cup (using my homemade hazelnut butter); strawberry buckwheat muffin

I did my usual snack-facing to keep my energy up, so most of my munchies are not pictured. However, I couldn’t help but show you the highlights. These nutella butter cups are to LIVE for. And of course, I couldn’t get by without a delicious muffin. Yummm…


What’s your favorite protein source? What was the best thing you did for spring break when you were in school? 

Have a lovely day!



6 responses to “WIAW #17: Testing Overload Edition

  1. Your breakfast pudding sounds amazing! Using beets is a great idea! I can’t wait to try this combo 🙂

  2. Ummm your breakfast pudding sounds amazing. anything with beets gets my attention.

  3. ok that breakfast totally intrigues me. i’ve never had beets at all. do you just blend it all together?

    • They’re really good; in fact, they have a pretty distinctive taste. And yes, you just blend it all together. Just make sure to use beets that are already cooked (i.e. steamed or roasted), preferably with the skin off. I hope you enjoy beets as much as I do!

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