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15 Years

After 15 years of late night study sessions, giggles with friends, and insightful discussions with teachers, I am finally saying goodbye to my school and second home.

Class of 2012, it’s been amazing. Next stop, California!

Happy Graduation 2012 to me and my greatest supporter + friend, my mom.

I’ve been savoring every moment and simply living life. Once I get back from California for college orientation, you can bet I’ll be back here for a recap and a return to normal blogging. But for now, I could not be happier just loving everything around me.


Class of 2016

Hey there! How’s your weekend going? Today I’m hanging out with my family to celebrate Easter as well as writing a paper on the development of self-awareness. Ah, the glorious life of a student!

Speaking of being a student, the jig is up: I finally committed to a college. After months of being consumed with college applications and a nerve-wracking week (this past week, in fact) of waiting for the last few details to fall in play, I’m ready to officially announce my decision.

This fall, I will become not only be a business administration student at University of Southern California’s Marshall Business School, but also a proud member of the Trojan family. I am extremely grateful for this wonderful opportunity and could not be more excited about starting school in late August. There’s just something so overwhelmingly good about all of this; it just feels right.

Just look at those palm trees! Swoon.

California here I come, baby!


Where did you go to school? Did you end up living in the same area after college? 

If I have any Los Angeles or other So-Cal readers out there, please introduce yourself or send me an email at kabochavore [at] me [dot] com. I’d love to hook up with you and learn all about the area.


Have a lovely day!